Thursday, August 22, 2013

#year of luigi

Part 1,Year of The  Luigi


    "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon" above 

"Year of the Luigi" is back, To prove it, Nintendo is unleashing new Luigi video games for the Wii U and 3DS. Games so far: "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon" (Above), "Mario and Luigi: Dream Team", and the Official Year of the Luigi game 2013, "New Super Luigi U" (Above). 


My brother, my father, and I are very excited about these Luigi video games and I can't wait to beat them, just like how I beat "New Super Mario Bros U". To me, the new Super Luigi series is an addition to the Nintendo collection.


Good Job, Nintendo. :)


Part 2, The Wii U


 I like the Wii U a lot, but will it be Nintendo's new generation?  Hard to answer but easy to find out. My opinion is that it will be cool for the Wii U to be Nintendo's next big thing, but that it will also be cool if Nintendo would be creative with their next generation. The Wii U was good. But a better DS would surprisingly be great. If Nintendo made a new handheld, then It would be like the NES came out again. And by all that, I don't mean the Wii U was an epic fail, I'm just wanting Nintendo to be more creative.

That's all that I really need to say. (Aaron Jones) Bellevue, WA  


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  1. Hi Aaron,

    Great post! I'm definitely a Mario guy, but I'm also glad that Luigi is finally getting his turn in the spotlight. Also, I'm really interested to see what Nintendo's next big release will be. I think you're right that they will really have to be creative.

    Thanks, can't wait for your next awesome post!