Monday, June 24, 2013

PS Vita and psp

PS VITA VS PSP By Aaron Jones                                                                             
If you play video games, i pod, or web games, you might know about Playstation, and it's amazing 
hand-held portable game systems. Two of them are the PS Vita, and the PSP. (PlayStation Portable)
To make this exciting, I put them in a "battle". The PS Vita is a touch-screen handheld device, with e-mail, texting, music, web, maps, videos, a Playstation store, photos, video games, and other cool stuff. One of the most impressive things about the PS Vita is that you can also use the back of the system to tap on icons. Pretty cool, Sony inc. 2012. (image bellow)
The PSP is a handheld system that has features as of, music, photos, videos, web, a Playstation store, games, and other cool things. One of the most impressive things I've noticed about the PSP is it's tech. I mean, a handheld device in 2005 with games and music, is pretty impressive for tech around there.
Well, by the looks of it, the Ps Vita wins, but I don't know. Mmmm... I guess its your decision! See you next time!

Super Aaron Dude



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  1. Aaron, I'd have to agree with you; the PS Vita wins the electronic "battle." Plus, I love the graphics on the Vita, especially when playing the MLB game.